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There are a few ways to find your style. First, challenge yourself to look inward. Second, learn from others who have seen their unique style. The third way is to take cues from famous guys and try to emulate their style. Finally, if you feel unsure of your style, it’s okay to ask for help. We’ll cover some tips for finding your style.

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Challenge yourself to find your style

One way to develop your style is by challenging yourself to wear something you wouldn’t usually choose. For example, if you recently lost a loved one to a pandemic, you might want to buy new outfits when life returns to normal. This can help you feel confident in restaurants and, at the same time, celebrate the pandemic’s cultural impact. In this case, you may want to buy an evening gown and wear it to a dinner date.

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Look inward

Developing your style is not a one-day affair. The journey is not linear, and you will make mistakes. These mistakes are just part of the learning process and will serve as valuable insights. You can also share this knowledge with others so that they can learn from your mistakes. The journey is an essential part of your style. If you want to make it easier for other guys, here are a few tips:

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First, learn about your body type. Knowing your body type is critical to finding your style. If you have a long torso, you should dress for it. A slender man should wear trousers, while a taller man should wear a dress. You should wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good regardless of body type. Don’t buy clothes if they don’t fit properly.

Study the look of other men. Look for style icons in fashion magazines and editorials—also, research men’s fashion blogs and social networks to understand what styles work for them. Try to emulate their looks, but don’t copy them. Instead, incorporate the elements of their style into your looks. Try out different pieces of clothing that you like and record photos of them. Then, combine and mix.

Find style-inspired people

Are you interested in a guy’s style but unsure where to start? Look to the media to find style-inspired people he admires. Celebrities and off-duty models are both excellent sources of style inspiration. Consider following a blogger or celebrity stylist for the guy in your life. You’ll be able to get tips on how to dress to look great and feel confident, even if he doesn’t have the same taste as you.

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