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Having good taste in fashion isn’t necessarily about being a stylish person; it is also about having an eye for quality and style. To cultivate your sense of style, read a few fashion magazines and visit stores that sell fashionable clothes. Pay attention to quality and avoid buying cheap clothes. You can also visit museums and art galleries to learn more about fashion and how to wear it properly.

Essay on having good taste in fashion

«Having a good taste» is an abstract term with several meanings. In the broadest sense, it is the ability to degust everything, not just with your tongue but also with your heart and mind. Every individual has different tastes based on different feelings and attitudes. This essay will examine the concept of taste in fashion and how it relates to how we dress and feel.

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Meaning of having good taste in fashion

Having a great sense of style is the art of discovering what looks good on you and wearing it accordingly. Having good taste in fashion does not mean following the latest trends. After all, fashion trends change with the seasons, and the fashion industry always promotes what is «in» at the time. Instead, having great taste in fashion is about being comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and finding ways to make it work for you.

The French intellectual and sociologist Pierre Bourdieu made his point in a book entitled Distinction: A Social Critique of Taste, which argued that «good taste» characterized the elite and was a way for them to set themselves apart from the lower classes. However, it was not a democratic concept. It was an essentially undemocratic system, with fashion magazines dictated by people with similar socioeconomic status.

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What is taste? Taste is an individual’s understanding of the things around him. Good taste is not a particular brand but a correct understanding of our world. Someone with expensive items may think that they have good taste, but the truth is that they don’t know how to use them. Instead, this shows ignorance and lack of taste. So what is good taste? Insight is more important than style.

Rich people have good tastes, but wealth does not necessarily mean good taste. Rich people have the means to learn and understand things, and good preferences are based on these opportunities. Good taste is subjective, but it is a trait that can be taught. It’s like jazz or art. It is personal, but it is necessary to have an independent mind and to develop it. To have good taste, an individual must be aware of fashion and the clothing culture.

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Sources of having good taste in fashion

Having a great sense of style is not just about knowing what looks good on you and knowing how to make the most of it. Great taste also involves knowing what does not suit you. Good taste in fashion does not mean you have to be obsessed with the latest trends; the fashion world is about promoting what is «in» at any given time. Therefore, you must be more familiar with your style and the latest trends.

Despite the perception that wealth means good taste, it is not always the case. Wealth means more opportunities to learn and understand what is around you. Moreover, education is the primary means of constructing socially legitimate tastes. Teachers, courses, campus ambiance, and classmates are some ways of selecting and forming tastes. However, good taste comes from within, from the mind, and the understanding of fashion. To improve one’s life, it is essential to cultivate independent thinking.

According to Fielding, they have a good sense of fashion resulting from a brilliant mind. A good taste in fashion is based on an individual’s ability to discern between what looks good and what does not. Having a good sense of style has no relation to famous brands. First-class stars pay close attention to the way they look in public. Nicole Kidman is a prime example. Second-class celebrities are those who spend a stylist. On the other hand, Britney Spears has a professional team of image designers to assist her.

Education also selects good tastes through cultivating human resources and objectives. Educators must choose the right moral outlook and world values. These social values form the basis for good flavors. Another carrier of culture is physical training. Different countries have different traditional sports that embody mainstream values. When a person has good taste, others will trust their recommendations. Having a good sense of fashion is a sign of competence.

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