Tips For Having Your Style Stand Out

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To be more style-conscious, you can draw inspiration from other people and build your wardrobe around their styles. Look at celebrities you admire for ideas on how to make your wardrobe stand out. Create a style Rolodex so you can refer to it as you shop. Keep a style journal or sketchpad handy to keep track of your favorite styles and look for inspiration in other people. You can also copy the look of someone you admire and wear it yourself.

Embrace fashion as a way of expressing yourself

Embracing fashion as a way of expressing yourself means embracing various clothing styles and colors, as clothes can express your mood and personality—the most important thing to remember when the dressing is to be yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t know what styles are, as you can quickly learn and adapt them to suit your unique style. However, you should know that fast fashion and seasonal changes can cause a drastic shift in clothing styles.

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While most people settle for safe choices such as white, black, and beige, you can express your personality and style by wearing colors and prints. Colorful and fun accessories are a great way to make a statement, and monochromatic outfits can significantly impact. Whether you choose bright colors or muted pastels, monochromatic looks affect substantially, but be sure to reflect your style.

Build a wardrobe out of your style

Building a wardrobe out of your style means focusing on what fits your personality and your budget. When shopping, try to buy pieces that will last and do well. Investing in quality pieces will be worth it and will save you time and money in the long run. This method may take some time, but it is well worth the effort. Think about the construction and fabric of your clothing before purchasing it, and choose pieces that will last for several years. For example, if you rarely wear rompers, don’t buy rompers that are meant to be worn a couple of times a year.

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A wardrobe exclusively made of colorful items can be a struggle to shop for, and the limited options can be frustrating. Instead, focus on creating a foundation of neutral tones to use as a starting point for your wardrobe. You’ll be able to mix and match more easily. Once you’ve created a foundation, you can then start building on that foundation. After all, your style doesn’t have to be complicated or dated.

Your lifestyle and work situation will also play a role in the way you choose to dress. For example, a woman living in Florida will have a completely different wardrobe from a woman living in New York City. Therefore, it is essential to consider where you live and what you do most of the time. A stay-at-home mom’s wardrobe will be different from the style of a corporate worker. Taking the time to reflect on your fashion and lifestyle will go a long way in building your wardrobe.

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It would help if you used Pinterest to identify your style and create your capsule wardrobe. Create a new board on Pinterest and pin pictures of clothes you’d wear. Reference your favorite style icons, blogs, and magazines to find out what looks best on you. Pin about 25-50 outfits that will give you an idea of what works for you. Your style is uniquely yours, and you should dress accordingly. If unsure what works for you, you can use your style inspiration to create a wardrobe that fits your personality and budget.

Draw inspiration from people who fit your style

To improve your style, look to those who dress well. This doesn’t mean copying them to the letter. Consider influential individuals, friends, style bloggers, and family members for inspiration. Look for specific items that make up the signature ensembles of your style icons. These individuals follow a particular theme, but you don’t have to copy the entire style. Here are some ways to draw inspiration from their look.

Create a style Rolodex

A Rolodex is a handy tool that many people use. This type of Rolodex allows you to store all your business cards in one place. However, these Rolodexes take up more desk space, so you may consider having two Rolodexes printed for current contacts and one for those you’ve archived. Both types are easy to use and can be updated annually.

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